Open a Corporate Account

  • Apply here for your key to the international world of finance with the Commerzbank Corporate Account and its account management in all common currencies.

Commerzbank Corporate Account is your key to the international financial world

Our corporate account gives you the ability to manage centrally all of your accounts and payment transactions. It streamlines your account management processes, including your accounts in foreign currency, and allows you to carry out your transactions swiftly and transparently. It allows you to plan your liquidity in a simple, reliable and precise manner.

Open a corporate account online or at one of our international branches

The Commerzbank Corporate Account enables you to manage your accounts in all the world’s major currencies. You can use the account for all your financial transactions: payment transactions, cash services/cash logistics, cash management, electronic banking, information and reporting services, all trading transactions, loan and investment products.

Your benefits

  • Account in local and all major currencies
  • Personal client service worldwide
  • Electronic account access
  • Access to online and mobile banking
  • Account information as electronic and paper-based account statements
  • Cash available at all our cashpoints or through our expanded service
  • Foreign banknotes and precious metal trading with customised logistics and insurance solutions