ESG rating-linked bilateral loans

Sustainable financing linked to an ESG rating*

Bilateral loans linked to ESG ratings have many similarities with KPI-linked bilateral loans. They can also be used to finance general corporate purposes that are not specifically related to sustainability. The key difference is that

The benchmark is not made up of individual performance indicators, but a comprehensive ESG rating by a recognised external rating agency. What the company is trying to achieve – and what determines the cost of financing – is an improvement in its ESG rating.

In addition, an ESG rating indicates a higher level of commitment and objectivity.

Your benefits

  • Unrestricted use of the loan for general corporate purposes
  • Broad commitment to sustainability
  • ESG ratings are central to information and reporting obligations, particularly within the framework of the EU Taxonomy.

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Sustainable financing linked to an ESG rating

*This offer is only valid for customers in Germany and/or accounts managed in Germany

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